I am here to make it easier for you to tick off those smaller projects that have been on your to-do list forever. Just choose your service type and call me to get in contact with a local contractor and know that a qualified professional will be there to help.

Here are just 6 of the jobs that my contractors can help you with:


TV Mounting

The thought of your brand new television being mounted incorrectly and crashing down is catastrophic. Give yourself the peace of mind by hiring a professional to complete this task.

The price for TV mounting is $ 129-$ 159


Replacing a Ceiling Fan or Light Fixture

If you need to replace a ceiling fan or light fixture but don’t feel like juggling your new and old items while balancing on your dining room chair, hire someone to help!

The price for a ceiling fan or light fixture replacement is $ 129-$ 159


Pressure Washing

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or host a summer barbecue, it’s amazing how much a good pressure wash can do for your siding or deck. If you don’t own the correct equipment or have the time to spend on this project, it’s relatively inexpensive to hire someone to take this off your plate.

Pressure washing a deck costs $ 209-$ 239

Pressure washing siding can range from $ 209-$ 589


Door Installation

From consultations to installation, the costs to replace a door can add up. Many homeowners prefer to browse retail stores for the door they want and then hire a professional for the installation separately. If this describes you, we can help!

The cost of door installation is $ 129-$ 249


Gutter Cleaning

Out of sight, out of mind happens to be the case for many homeowners when it comes to cleaning the gutter. Tick this project off your to-do list and prevent any unexpected disasters by hiring a pro.

The cost of gutter cleaning is $ 129-$ 159


Furniture Assembly

So, your new furniture has arrived and you’re opening the box thinking, how hard can it be to assemble? It turns out, very. The nails all look the same and your screw driver doesn’t seem to fit into anything. Unfortunately, we can’t help you grow the 2 extra arms needs to hold up the shelves while you screw them together but we can help you hire someone to assemble it!

The cost of furniture assembly starts at $ 129

Do you have a handyman project that isn’t on this list? No problem, you can still request a handyman!




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