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The best time of year is finally here! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the holiday season is upon us. While the holidays are a time to gather together, give thanks and appreciate life’s blessings, we know it can often be a stressful time as well, especially if you’re the one doing the entertaining. When it comes to Thanksgiving preparations, between planning your menu and organizing with your friends and family, finding time to prep your home can feel nearly impossible. These five easy ideas to a Thanksgiving-ready home will have you perfectly prepared for this year’s Turkey Day in no time.

Everyone knows there’s cleaning to be done, but after you’ve scoured the house, why not add a little color and flare to your home this year? We’ve found some easy DIY touches that will help you welcome your guests confidently, and create a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious food and good company. From fall-inspired centerpieces to elegant mantel decorations, these creative holiday ideas are the recipe for a successful Thanksgiving celebration.

1. Deep clean before the big day

Create your own scented cleaning solutions for every surface and have your house feeling spic and span in no time—minus the unwelcoming smell of store bought disinfectants. Get your bathroom looking and smelling super clean with these homemade natural cleaner recipes.


2. Create your own centerpieces

All autumn long, stores are filled with squash and gourds in every variety. Ever wonder what they might be good for? Get creative with squash, outside the kitchen. Fill them with flowers, succulents, candles and herbs to give your home an earthy vibe that is sure to impress. Place them on your dining table, on the food buffet, on an entry table or in your living room—the more the merrier.


3. Set the table

If you like the idea of nature-inspired, understated elegance laced with vibrant jewel tones, you can’t go wrong with some foliage, candles, gourds and muted dish and glassware. We all know Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates a delicious meal more than all the rest—a beautifully decorated table is the best way to bring everyone together to enjoy it.


4. Get crafty

If you’re feeling crafty, these hanging leaf garlands are a brilliant way to add that extra special detail to your home this holiday. If bold colors suit you, go for the simple color-block leaves. Hang these versatile garlands in the kitchen, on your front porch or even in the dining room.


5. Dress up the mantel

The hearth is the center of the home, and after you’ve enjoyed a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal, it’s the perfect place to gather around and relax in the company of your guests. Decorating your mantel is an excellent way to set the mood for an evening to remember. Whether you prefer vintage quirkiness, rustic charm or ethereal simplicity, autumn gives way to endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your hearth.




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