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You don’t have to go all Clark Griswold to show your holiday spirit. Decorations can be subtle, tasteful and inviting when a house is up for sale during the holiday months.

Sure, there are two sides to this: Some staging and real estate professionals assert that you shouldn’t decorate at all during the holidays, careful not to offend those who don’t celebrate the holiday. Others argue you should definitely decorate and that a festive house can welcome buyers. How much or how little you decorate may be open to debate with your home sellers. But if you are looking to add in some tasteful holiday decor this season to a home, here are some ideas:

1. Dress up the doorstep with a wreath and planter. Silver is shiny and can reflect the sun, making it a great choice to get others to stop and take notice of a home.

Christmas Holiday Decor
Photo by Mary Prince Photography – Discover traditional entryway design inspiration


2. Highlight the fireplace mantel with holiday décor to get this amenity to take center stage in the room. But don’t overcrowd it with decorations. Less is sometimes more, in this case.

Holiday Decor
Photo by AM Dolce Vita – More transitional home design ideas


3. Make a flower box more festive. Try adding berries or ornaments.

Holiday decorations

Photo by GreenCraft Associates – Discover traditional landscape design ideas


4. Offer up some holiday treats to visitors. Filled candy bowls and cookies will be a welcome surprise and may make buyers want to linger.

Holiday Decorating
Photo by Lord Design – Look for traditional home design pictures


5. Put up a tree but have it blend into the style of the home. The tree in this dining room below compliments the subtle hues used in this French Country styled room. Have the tree coordinate with colors already used in the home’s decor.

Photo by Michelle – Browse traditional dining room ideas


6. Consider day and night appeal. Keep the holiday decorations looking as good in the daylight as they are in the dark.

Rustic Luxe Holiday
Photo by Kerrie L. Kelly – Browse traditional exterior photos


7. Stage the table for a holiday feast. Show off the entertaining aspects the home has to offer.

Christmas/Holiday Decorating
Photo by The Expert Touch Interiors – Look for traditional dining room design inspiration


8. Use garland to highlight a feature. For example, get them to notice that curvy stairway with some festive garland wrapped around it.

Christmas Interior
Photo by Regina Gust Designs – Look for traditional staircase pictures


9. Add in some poinsettias. The holiday plant aren’t only festive but the red-popping color can add to a room’s tables or doorstep.

Christmas Decorations
Photo by Robeson Design – More transitional dining room ideas


10. Draw from greenery. Use nature-inspired green to enhance a room with subtle décor.

Christmas In A Conservatory

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